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At the Center for Developmental Epidemiology we are working to advance the understanding of the origins, course, and prevention of mental illness across the course of life. Over many years, our researchers have conducted a variety of extensive longitudinal studies on the emotional and behavioral development of young children, adolescents and young adults. These studies helped to better understand, for example, how worries and fears might affect children’s lives as they grow older, or how substance abuse and access to mental health care impact psychiatric disorders in adolescents. Find out more about our studies here …

A major goal of our research is also the development, validation, production, and dissemination of qualitative assessment measures to further the advancement of mental health research. A suite of interviews have been developed that employs a consistent approach to the assessment of psychopathology in childhood, adolescence, and young adulthood. Find out more about our psychiatric measures here …

Our Center is located in an old tobacco warehouse at Brightleaf Square in downtown Durham. Address and Directions here ….

Phone (919) 687-4686 | Fax (919) 687-4737

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