The Young Adult Psychiatric Assessment (YAPA)

Thank you for your inquiry about the Young Adult Psychiatric Assessment (YAPA), by A. Angold, A. Cox, M Prendergast, M Rutter, and E Simonoff, EJ Costello, and BH Ascher.

Description: The YAPA is a modification of the Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Assessment (CAPA). The YAPA is an interviewer-based structured diagnostic interview designed for use with young adults 18 years and older. There is no “parent interview” schedule for the YAPA. The YAPA is used for the diagnosis of the full range of common psychiatric disorders. It provides a focus on diagnoses, living situations, relationships, and areas of functioning relevant to this age group.

We have developed a DSM 5 version of the YAPA, and it is currently available for use.

eMeasures: We have created a web application for the administration of an electronic version of the YAPA. The eMeasures system is a tool for administering the YAPA online or offline.  The eMeasures system allows near “real-time” modifications of the YAPA. Researchers can select what modules they would like to administer as long as the “required” accompanying modules used in diagnosis are administered. The eMeasures is capable of generating a Word document that is an exact replica of its contents.

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Click the links below to review the YAPA:

YAPA: Core Diagnostic Modules for DSM 5

YAPA: Omnibus Version

Please be advised that formal training is required to administer the YAPA.

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If you need any additional information or if you wish to administer the YAPA, please email Brian Small:

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Thanks for your interest in the YAPA.